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Technical Co., Ltd.. The services offered by the institutions and organizations are listed as follows:

sag The organization of all kinds of events: fairs, congresses, tourism, seminars, meetings, launches, openings, international tour...
sag All kinds of promotional / advertising / search / posters / banners and so on. preparation, design and posting, with the pressure points in the area and requested,
sag All visual media broadcast news and broadcast periods for the preparation and monitoring of drugs,
sag Presentation catalog / brochure design, preparation, printing,
sag Any kind of product and the earth, photo or film shoot,
sag Turned into a promotional film footage broadcast on the preparation,
sag Cd to advertise all kinds of company or product preparation and reproduced and distributed,
sag Web design and preparation of company-specific pages,
sag Brand and corporate identity creation,
sag Stand decoration and exhibition activities,
sag Company / store decoration.
sag Tourism, convention, organization consulting,
sag The coordination of all event logistics,
sag Organization of the exhibition participants and visitors from abroad, hotel-accomodation-transportation services,
sag Preparation of periodic second magazine for the textile industry, publishing and distribution.
sag All advertising and public relations agencies,


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