Global Textile Sector has Rushed into Istanbul

ITM Texpo Eurasia, HIGHTEX International Technical Textiles and Nonwoven and Istanbul Yarn Fairs, all considered to be the greatest textile meetings not only in the country but also in the region, took place in Istanbul on the dates of 29 May- 1 June 2013. The meeting has gathered about 50.000 sector representatives from all around the world together.

This year ITM Texpo Eurasia, HIGHTEX International Technical Textiles and Nonwoven and Istanbul Yarn Fairs that recurred upon the heavy demand of the sector, has been organized by the partnership of Teknik Fuarcılık and Tüyap in cooperation with TEMSAD. This textile fair which has been organized on the dates of 29 May- 1 June 2013 in Büyükçekmece Tüyap Fair and Congress Center/ Istanbul, hosted approximately 50.000 worldwide representatives of the sector. Taking place in 10 different halls and within an approximately 90.000m2 area, this meeting brought 1223 companies and their representatives from 37 countries together. A variety of brand new models of the latest technologies that are used in every step of textile manufacturing including examples from yarn machines to weaving machines, weaving machines to nonwoven technologies, dying-finishing machines to printing digital printing machines have been presented in the fairs where Turkey’s and the globe’s leading textile companies introduced their newest technological innovations. Additionally, every product related to nonwoven and technical textiles and the brand new yarn models have been introduced in HIGHTEX 2013 and Istanbul Yarn Fair respectively. In this great meeting where thousands of visitors from Turkey and from all around the world came together, the procurement committees from Uzbekistan, Iran and Pakistan took part as well. In addition to that there have been a lot of visitors and representatives of commerce chambers from the neighboring countries of Turkey and 70 countries in total where countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia and Greek took place on the top. The visitors form Arabic and Middle Eastern countries ranked among others and attracted attention. The countries where the highest number of foreign visitors came from are the following ones: Egypt (%19,4), Iran (%14,3), Bulgaria (%5,7), Russia (%4,4) and India (%4,2). Other visitors country: Uzbekistan, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Serbia, Pakistan, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Syria, Ukraine, Croatia, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Germany, Spain, Romania, Belarus, China, Lebanon, France, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Israel, Moldova, Bangladesh, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, Libya, Algeria, Finland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, USA, Palestine, Iraq, Kosovo, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sudan, Denmark, Colombia, Latvia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, South Africa, Hungary, Nigeria. Besides, local investors especially from the cities like Denizli, Bursa, Aydın, Uşak, İzmir, Çorlu, Çerkezköy, Adana, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kahramanmaraş, Malatya, Diyarbakır, Kayseri, Malatya have participated in the fair and made purchases in considerable amounts. Among the countries where the majority of visitors came from, were: Turkey, Germany, Italy, China, India, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and USA. Especially the executives of technology manufacturer companies, who participated in ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013, have emphasized that they found a chance to achieve important business connections and they were satisfied with the potential of visitors. The exhibited machines have found buyers in succession, and similarly some very important technological products which are still in production, or even only prototypes and are not yet produced, have been indented for later purchases. The fair visitors have declared their satisfaction with the opportunity of having a close look at the latest technologies and with the diversity of machineries. The officials of participant firms have mentioned they are pleased with the interest they draw and declared that these fairs are the best ways to reach the Turkish textile market and also to reach the neighboring countries. This great meeting where every participant was pleased will recur in 2016. After this important organization we are proud as a team because “We do the best when we do it.” Indeed, our team has received a great deal of thanking both during and after the fair.

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